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from the primeval flaring forth to you 

As a television producer, speaker, and psychotherapist in training, I am intrigued by the space in which cosmology, neuroscience, and psychology intersect. During an era in which we often struggle with a sense of separation from ourselves, others, and the planet, I am excited by the potential of the cosmological perspective to re-embed us in the whole, in a dynamic, creative, emergent universe, one which requires our participation for its further development.

Contrary to how it may appear on the surface, we are not simply isolated individuals in competition with one another for the “resources” of the world. Rather, we are deeply bonded to one another, to this living planet, and to the universe as a whole through our one common origin in the primeval fireball or big bang. In fact, as mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme argues, not only do we emerge from the energy that gave birth to the cosmos, but the very same creative powers that fashioned the stars and set the galaxies in motion are coursing through each of us right now, in this very moment. In fact, compressed inside every one of us is 13.7 billion years of creativity simply bursting to emerge in an entirely new form through our deepest fascinations, curiosities and dreams.

Truly embodying these perspectives can be challenging in what philosopher Ian McGilchrist calls a “left-shifted society”; one in which the take on reality offered by the left hemisphere of the brain is prioritized. While the left allows us to manipulate the world by dividing it into seemingly isolated, explicit parts, this lens of separation also leaves us disconnected from our bodies, other people, and the world around us. To me, what is required is a re-engagement with the right hemisphere, that side of the brain which sees the fluid, complex, interconnected big picture, recognizing us as inseparable elements of the whole. The right is also our embodied brain, sensing the body as a living entity, rather than an assemblage of parts as perceived by the left hemisphere. Lastly, the right side is the mediator of empathetic identification, allowing us to see the world from another person’s, species’ or even the Earth’s point of view.

I believe that our destinies as individuals and as a vibrant Earth community depend upon our reconnecting with the wisdom of the right hemisphere and allowing this deeper, broader vision to inspire the vast powers of the left prefrontal cortex. Can we align ourselves with the universe’s evolution toward ever greater diversity in its forms of expression and a deepening capacity for intimacy and communion? If we can nourish these energies within ourselves then, as the universe in human form, we simultaneously carry forward and enhance the adventure of the entire cosmos. To me, that's an awesome destiny!