Psychotherapy is not:

-       Endless analysis

-       Wallowing in problems

-       Blaming your parents

-       Getting stuck in the past

Psychotherapy is:

-       A lively, creative process

-       That accesses the wisdom of your body

-       And harnesses the power of your imagination

-       To put you back in the driving seat of your life

As a relational therapist working in the here-and-now I seek to provide a warm and accepting space in which all of you can show up. This includes the younger, more vulnerable parts; those aspects of us that can so easily become triggered. As we learn to welcome back all parts of ourselves, not only are we less easily knocked off balance, but we may also discover a wonderful sense of wholeness that previously eluded us despite all our busyness, goal-setting, or striving. In this more integrated space we may find ourselves infused with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose, making that which previously felt overwhelming, or simply unattainable, finally within our grasp.