I grew up in Ireland and Wales before going to Cambridge University in England where I pursued a degree in Social and Political Science. Upon graduating I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and fell into a career as a television producer. I spent the next decade producing shows for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. While producing provided me with a wonderful creative outlet and the chance to travel the world, I had long sensed that there was something else to which I was meant to be dedicating my life. 

My first experience of psychotherapy was a major revelation. The apparently simple process of sharing difficult, previously untold experiences with a deeply compassionate listener was unbelievably cathartic. As I learned to make space for my emotions and tune into my bodily sensations I rediscovered a long-lost inner compass. No longer simply blown about by the winds of life I began taking conscious decisions to determine my own future.  

Having dreamt of moving to California ever since I discovered surfing at 10 years old, I finally plucked up my courage and made the leap from London to Los Angeles. Here I juggled working as a producer while pursuing a Masters program in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Having graduated and completed a 3-year traineeship/internship at the Southern California Counseling Center I am now in private practice in Venice Beach and West LA. In Venice I'm part of the fantastic team at Flow House, a holistic psychotherapy center. 

It has been quite the journey to get here and I feel so grateful to have found a role that allows me to contribute to others while infusing my own life with great meaning and purpose. For me, it is the ultimate privilege to accompany another person on their journey toward becoming the fullest, most authentic expression of themselves.


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