I feel incredibly grateful to have found a role that allows me to contribute to others while infusing my own life with great meaning and purpose. For me, it is the ultimate privilege to accompany another person on their journey toward becoming the fullest, most authentic expression of themselves.

My first experience of psychotherapy was in my early 30s and it was a major revelation. The apparently simple process of sharing difficult, previously untold experiences with a deeply compassionate listener was unbelievably cathartic. As I learned to make space for my emotions and tune into my bodily sensations I rediscovered a long-lost inner compass. Where previously there had been a gnawing sense of emptiness and resignation, I now felt hope flowing through me. No longer simply blown about by the winds of life I began taking conscious decisions to determine my own future.  

At the time I had a successful career as a television producer, working on primetime shows for the likes of the BBC and NBC. While producing provided me with a creative outlet and the chance to travel the world, I had long sensed that there was something else to which I was meant to be dedicating my life. Having gained so much from my own psychotherapy, I realized that I wanted to support others on their path of growth, empowerment, and engagement with life in whole-hearted ways.

Initially, this lead me to train with New Ventures West as an Integral Life Coach and this was a wonderful introduction to the world of personal development. However, I soon realized that many of my coaching clients faced underlying blocks that were outside the scope of my coaching methodology. While on a year-long training in Interpersonal Neurobiology with the author of Being a Brain-Wise Therapist, Dr. Bonnie Badenoch, I understood that in order to work with people at a deeper level I would have to become a therapist myself. I took a deep breath and enrolled in a Master’s program in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Over the course of 3 years I received rigorous, in-depth training in the theory and clinical skills of individual, couples and family psychotherapy, while writing my thesis on the healing power of the imagination; The Imagination, a Path to Personal and Planetary Individuation.  

In 2014 I was accepted as a trainee at one of the most prestigious psychotherapy training sites in Los Angeles, The Southern California Counseling Center. Here I undertook trainings in Clinical Skills, Couples & Family Therapy, and School-Based Counseling. I was also part of a year-long program focusing on Trauma and Resiliency in which I was trained in the evidence-based trauma treatment, EMDR, and the somatically-oriented, Trauma Resiliency Model. For the past two years I have been part of a relational gestalt study group with Anne Bartelstein of the Pacific Gestalt Institute. In addition, in 2016 I took an externship with the founder of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) Sue Johnson, who has developed one of the only evidence-based systems for working with couples.

This wealth of practical, hands-on training and experience allows me to employ an integrated approach to psychotherapy, working not only with thoughts, behavior, and emotions, but also with their biological and early attachment underpinnings.  

In my downtime I love to surf, hike, and be with friends and family.