Growing up in the wild, enchanted landscapes of Ireland I have long been fascinated with the dance between psyche and nature, soul and cosmos. This early passion led me to pursue a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Here I became intrigued by the ways in which cosmology, ecopsychology, neuroscience, and psychology could inform and invigorate one another. These diverse lines of inquiry fuel my imagination and form the basis of my psychotherapeutic work, coaching, and speaking engagements.

Another love of mine has been producing programming for television. Following my undergraduate degree in Social and Political Science at King’s College, Cambridge University I worked on award-winning shows for the likes of the BBC, NBC and Fox. Producing allowed me to travel the world while documenting the diverse cultures of the UK, Russia, Malaysia, Netherlands, France, and now the USA.  

In my downtime I like to surf in the Pacific Ocean, walk the cliffs of Big Sur, or drop into a yoga class in my local neighborhood of Venice Beach, California.